Why do so many Indian students go to Ukraine to become a doctor

Why do so many Indian students go to Ukraine to become a doctor, this is the big reason 

New Delhi: After China and Philippines, most Indian students go to Ukraine for medical studies. Indian medical students consider Ukraine a suitable place to pursue medical education for several reasons. According to available data, about 18,000 Indian students are trapped in Ukraine, which is at war with Russia. Most of these students have gone there to get medical education. So far, about one thousand Indian citizens have been brought back home from Ukraine.  
Sakshi Yadav’s younger brother Mandeep Yadav and younger sister Mahima Yadav study medicine in Ukraine. Sakshi told IANS that the cost of medical education in India is half of that spent in Ukraine for medical education. His siblings are studying at the Liv State Medical Center in Ukraine. Sakshi says that apart from low fees, Indian students also like better infrastructure and different pattern of studies in Ukraine.  Apart from this, medical seats are also less in India.
 Medical studies in Ukraine cost about 10 lakh rupees every year. Shirish Mehta, who did MBBS from Ukraine, told that the infrastructure of medical college of Ukraine is much better than that of India, whereas the cost of studying in medical college there is half compared to private medical college of India.  
Shirish said that if we talk about government medical colleges, then the fee for MBBS here is around Rs 3 lakh, while in private medical colleges the cost is around Rs 20 lakh per annum. Educationist CS Kandpal said that one of the biggest reasons for Indian students to study medicine in Ukraine is that they have to take a special exam for medical admission there, whereas in India, there is a NEET exam.
He told that lakhs of students of the country take the NEET exam every year, out of which only about 40,000 students get admission in government medical colleges. For this reason, students who get success in NEET also turn to Ukraine.

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