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Share Market is a market where shares of many different companies are bought and sold. It is like any other normal market where people go to buy and sell shares. Its work is no longer limited to offline, but it has now been done online as well.
If you must have seen the news, then many times you must have heard that what is Share Market (What is Share Market in Hindi) but few people know how to buy shares and how many stock markets are there in India.
Today everyone looks for ways to earn money. Who does not know the importance of money in life?
Without money, we cannot get a good life, as well as we cannot complete the work we need without it. Well, there are many ways to earn money.
From childhood, he studies to make a good career. After that some people do jobs or jobs. Some people take the path of business to earn money in their life.
In this post we will talk about how to earn money from share market (Share Market Guide in Hindi) as well as know which are the best share market books to download in Hindi free to work in it.
So without delay let’s start and know what is the guide to working in share market?
Share market is a market from where shares can be bought and sold. People invest their money by buying it. The price of these shares keeps on increasing and decreasing. You can sell it when prices go up.
There was a time when technology was not so advanced and shares were bought and sold through oral bids. But now all the work of the stock market and the transaction of shares is done through the computers connected to the network of the stock exchange.
Today, all the work of stock market is done by people sitting at home by using internet. No matter where you are in the world, you can do stock market work from there.
Today the matter is that the people doing business of buying and selling with this do not even recognize each other.
In today’s time if you have money then only people give you value. Everyone aspires for a comfortable life and makes every effort for it. It is needed even if you want to fulfill your dreams.
We will talk about a completely different way to earn money here. The method we are going to talk about, you must have been hearing about it often.
Through films, television and news, we often get to know that big companies sell their shares.
Sometimes the share price increases and sometimes it decreases. People buy and sell these shares and earn good money in a very short time.

definition of share market

This is a place where companies issue their shares in the market for the general public to buy and sell.
Through which companies give an opportunity to buy stake in their business.
By buying which we become a partner of that company. The fluctuation in the price of any stock depends on the position of the company.
Money is earned in the stock market in a very short time, but it is also a fact that money gets drowned very easily in this market. It is all based on the ups and downs in the trade and in the business of the company.

How to start share market – How to Invest in Share Market

You must have understood a little bit about this. So let us now know how to invest in this market?
See, many people know that money is earned by investing in it, but very few people have the knowledge that how to invest in this? You will also get information about this in this post.
A Stock Broker is required to invest. You cannot go directly into it to invest. It is very important to have a stock broker to buy and sell any stock because if you are an investor then this is what takes you to this market.
You must have understood what is the importance of Stock Broker, but after all, how does Stock Broker help us to invest in it? So for this first you have to find a Stock Broker.
You will find many brokers in the market like Upstox, Zerodha, Sharekhan, Angel Broking, ICICI Direct etc.
When you contact them, they will open an account for you so that you can invest in it. The accounts which are necessary for investment are given below.
Demat Account
Trading Account
When you have opened both these accounts through a stock broker, then you can start buying and selling your shares after that.
Before investing in the market, you should get as much information as possible about it. You can find many such frauds which will eat your money.
So before investing money anywhere, take complete information about that company. Be sure to check the reputation and reliability of the company.
Now a question must be coming in your mind that after all, how much and at least how much money has to be invested in order to invest.
In the beginning, its knowledge is not enough. That is why many such questions come in the mind of people. Let us also know the answer to this.
There is no rule applicable for making minimum investment in the market. There is no such limit given that at least you will have to invest that much money.
You can buy shares worth $1 to invest and the maximum amount you want to invest. By the way, it is very important for you to choose a good stock broker to invest in the market.
Brokers also charge you brokerage for trading in the market, so choose them keeping in mind their service and charges.

How to buy shares online?

We have already learned that it is very important for you to have a Demat Account to buy stocks. There are many ways to create a Demat Account. One of which is Broker, which I have listed above.
The account in which we keep money to buy stocks is the Demat Account. Through this, when we make profit on buying and selling, then we also get profit money in this account. It works exactly like a bank account.
In the same way that we use Mobile Wallet nowadays, DematAccount is also a wallet which is used for buying and selling only for this purpose.
Whenever we want to buy and sell, like other wallets, we have to load money from our bank account. We can transfer the profit after selling it back to your bank account.
I have already told the first way to create a Demat Account, which is opened through a broker. And the second way is that you can open a Demat Account from any bank in which you have a Savings Account.
To open a Demat Account, you must have a Savings Account as well as Internet Banking. Necessary Documents for Demat Account.
PAN Card
Address Proof
Passport Size Photos
Account Check Book
If you follow my advice, there is a demat account in the bank that you should open a demat account only through a broker. Broker companies also keep giving you tips and support for buying stocks.
Those people also give advice about when to invest money in which company. Broker companies also have to pay us some charge for this.
Some important tips for buying shares:
Investing money in this is a risky business. But the risk is there only until you have the information. Once you get good information about it, then you just have to work with your mind and focus. You should not do any work in a hurry. Most people lose their money in the stock market.

Do you know what is the reason for this?

The reason for this is greed. You must have heard from childhood that greed is a bad force and it fits perfectly in this platform. What are the things on which you have to pay attention before investing money. Let us know some important tips.
To invest in the stock market, it is necessary to have a bank account, demat account, trading account.
Before investing, do research that how is the business, performance of the company whose shares you want to buy. Is the management of the company good or not? It is also necessary to take information about its history, how has the history of that company been. How has it fluctuated from time to time? Overall, you have to take every information about the company to be invested, only then you have to buy its stock.
Investors should invest money only in companies with good fundamentals.
The thing that people investing in the stock market should control the most is greed. In this, the money of the people who are most greedy is drowned. 
If you want to work in this, then you will have to work with patience because there are many occasions when you think that you will earn a little more, then you will sell the stock and in this affair, suddenly the price of these decreases and there is a loss.
The best option for newcomers is to make long term investments. According to the market expert, long term has always given good return to the investors. For this reason, you should also keep the attitude of long term investment.
Investors should fix a target price to buy as well as sell it. The purchased stock should be sold only when the target price is reached.
How many stock markets are there in India?
For the shares we buy, it is necessary to have a broker in the middle. A broker is associated with 2 main stock exchanges of our country.
BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange
NSE – National Stock Exchange
Share Brokers are the members of the stock exchange. The general public can invest in the market only through these brokers. Can not be bought directly from the stock market.
Those who do investment work, they keep an eye on every activity of NSE and BSE and on the basis of that they buy and sell stocks. You can get live updates for every latest news on investment market by watching Zee Business, CNBC and NDTV profit channels.

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