what girls search most in google

What do girls search on Google, see the list here

Girls use internet more than boys

Career related information top search list of girls

Phone in hand and internet in phone nowadays everyone has it. This is the reason why most people spend their time on the Internet to find and share the things they like, but different reports claim that girls spend more time on the Internet than boys. According to a new report by Google India, out of the total 150 million internet users in the country, about 60 million women in India are now online and use the internet to improve everyday life. In this, 75 percent women are in the age group of 15-34.

According to Pew internet research of America, 31 percent of teenagers search the internet about dieting and all the ways to stay fit, while 17 percent people search more about sex, depression drugs etc. In such a situation, it is interesting to know what girls search on the Internet.

Career related information

Those girls who are ambitious since childhood, they give maximum attention to their career and search information related to this on the internet. Like in which direction they have to make a career or which course to do etc.

Takes the help of Google for beauty tips

If we talk about only girls, then girls go to online shopping sites and do more search news on the internet about clothes designs, new collections, offers. This thing was also revealed in the research of The Center for Media Research study in the year 2013. Apart from this, the first desire of girls is to look the most beautiful and different. For this, she takes the help of the Internet. Girls love to search about the most fashion, trends, beauty treatments and home remedies.

friend google for mehndi ki design

Every girl loves to apply mehndi. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or any festival, before that, she spends her time searching for mehndi designs on the internet.

Although everyone likes sweet music, but girls like to listen to romantic songs more. Girls also search and listen a lot of romantic and melodious songs on the internet.

If there is a feeling of love on the heart, then the mind wants to read love poetry or send it to its partner. In such a situation, girls search the internet for love poetry, love quotes, romantic messages etc.

These are the things that most girls search for. In a study by The Center for Media Research, it was revealed that 83 percent of youth search about the things where they have to go, such as an event, concert and some even to find out the timing of the train, bus. spend data.

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