What does Google know about you? This is the easiest way to know

 What does Google know about you? This is the easiest way to know

Google has a lot of your information. What are you doing, where are you going or what are you buying. Google has been storing this data for a long time. You can also see all this data yourself.

Google knows a lot about you.

Access your Google data like this and delete it if you want.

Google keeps a lot of your data with you. If you use Google’s service, then you have given data to Google along with the consent. Even if you do not use Google’s service, some of your data is with Google.

However, today we will not talk about how Google collects your data. We have told about this before and will continue to tell.

Today we will tell you about the ways from where you can find out how much data Google has with you. According to Google’s claim, every Gmail user can get information about their Google data.

This data includes most of your things. Like – What do you search on Google, what have you searched in the past so far. Apart from Google, what are you watching, searching on YouTube and what you have seen and searched in the past. The entire history is saved.

From location history to other apps’ data as well…

Where are you going, where are you staying, from your mobile phone numbers, information about apps to which website you visit, all this information is with Google. The data of the entire location history is also saved on Google. The good thing is that you can access it.

— Use Google’s device and ask any question to Google Assistant. How many comments have you made on YouTube so far?

— Talking about location tracking, Google also tracks how much time you are spending at which place. How many steps are being taken, this data also remains.

— Google also sees how much time you are spending on other apps on your phone. Google Calendar keeps track of all your events.

— Most people keep email id and password by autofill. In this way, Google also keeps the credit card and saved password, that is, your data is also saved with Google.

How To Access Your Google Data – How To Access Your Google Data

As a first step, login to your Gmail. Go to the Google Account section. If you have logged in from computer, then on the right side you will see the option of Data and Privacy. click here.

Now you will see the list here. Like – what you’ve done and where you’ve been — Things that you’ve done and places where you’ve been.

If you scroll down, you will find that all your data is available here. For example, you select the first option. After selecting you will get the option of My Activity. Here you will also see Maps Timeline and YouTube watch and search history.

Under My Google Activity, you will be able to know when you have searched on Google. You can also turn it off from here. But closing it does not mean that Google will stop saving it with itself. You won’t see this information when you turn it off, but Google will continue to track it.

Similarly, using the Map Timeline option, you will be able to see where you went. You will also come to know many interesting things here. Like what was the speed of your car or where did you stop for how long.

Apart from all this, you can also see personalized ads by going to Ad Settings here. You will also get information about what interests you and what kind of ads Google serves to you.

Google takes your data from other apps and services, you will also be able to see it here. You will also be able to see that you have given Google access to other apps. Sometimes when signing up on a website or app, you select Sign up with Google. Here you will also be able to see that and if you want, you will also be able to block its access.

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