The world’s first waterproof and USB Type-C port will be available for iPhone, full charge

iPhone with world’s first waterproof and USB Type-C port has arrived, will be fully charged instantly

The world’s first waterproof and USB Type-C port iPhone has arrived, which is going to be auctioned soon. This feat has been done by an engineer. Let’s know what else is special in the phone …

An engineer modified the iPhone X a few months ago, replacing its Lightning port with a USB Type-C port. The resulting Frankenstein iPhone sold for US$86,001 (Rs 64,22,554), although it is unclear whether the auction winner paid for the device. Nevertheless, the ‘world’s first USB-C iPhone’ came with several conditions, including ‘don’t use it as your daily phone’.

Now comes the world’s first waterproof and USB Type-C port iPhone

In addition, the iPhone lacked water resistance, in some cases one of the selling points of the device. Now, Gernot Jöbstl has announced that it has created a USB-C iPhone without compromising on water resistance. Like the previous project, Jöbstl has used the iPhone X, which was launched in 2017. However, they have superglue the USB board, which provides a degree of water resistance.

auction will be held soon

The modified iPhone X is believed to use its USB Type-C port for charging or data transfer, which matches the versatility of the Lightning port. It will auction the modified iPhone X on eBay on January 19 to raise funds for other projects. Presumably, the USB-C and waterproof iPhone won’t come cheap; Jöbstl will post a link in the description of its YouTube video.

Apple has already switched to USB Type-C ports for most of its iPad range; in fact, the only entry-level iPad remains on the Lightning, the iPad mini introduced USB Type-C with its sixth-generation model last year. was adopted. The European Union hopes to force electronics manufacturers to use USB Type-C in small devices, but that could be years away from becoming law.

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