Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency Daily News Uk

Calcium is very important for our body. Lack of calcium in the body can lead to many diseases. In today’s race life, people are not able to take special care of their health. Due to which they are not able to eat properly. But to overcome the deficiency of calcium, nutritious diet should be consumed. Calcium is considered one of the important nutrients of the body. The problem of calcium deficiency is mostly seen in women. Know what are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body.

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

Nails Break

Those whose body lacks calcium, their nails become weak and they start breaking quickly.

Bones Are Weak

Due to the lack of calcium, the bones become completely weak. Due to which the pain starts in the muscles. Due to which any person starts getting tired very quickly.

Tooth And Gum Pain

If there is a lack of calcium in your body, then your teeth will become weak and they will start breaking. Along with this, the problem of pain in the gums also starts.

Disease Resistance Is Weak

Calcium also enhances our immunity. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, then you will start falling ill again and again. Calcium deficiency can also cause respiratory diseases.

Joint Pain

Those who lack calcium in their body may also have joint pain and cramps.

Pain In Hands And Feet

Those who lack calcium, they get tired quickly in doing any work. Also, there is a lot of pain in his hands and feet.


Due to the deficiency of calcium, people feel the problem of headache, lack of sleep, tingling in the hands and feet.

Include these things in the diet

To overcome the deficiency of calcium, you should include milk, curd, cheese and green vegetables in your diet. Also, calcium deficiency can also be overcome by eating dry fruits like raisins, almonds and dates.

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