Right Time To Eat Pomegranate 5 such questions related to pomegranate

What is the right time to eat pomegranate? Learn from dietician the answers to 5 such questions related to pomegranate

Eating pomegranate removes the problem of anemia, even if you have weakness, you can consume pomegranate. Pomegranate has properties of vitamins K, C, B, potassium, zinc, omega 6 fatty acids, fiber etc. They are beneficial for your body as well as hair and skin. People who have BP problem should definitely consume pomegranate. Anti-cancer properties are also found in pomegranate, you must consume it after knowing so many benefits.

1. What is the right time to eat pomegranate?

If you want to consume pomegranate then morning is the best time. Pomegranate is rich in vitamins. You can start the day with the nutritious elements present in pomegranate. By eating pomegranate, your body also gets enough energy for the whole day. You should avoid consuming pomegranate during the night because pomegranate contains a good amount of fiber and it may be difficult for you to digest it at night because our metabolism slows down during night time. Consuming pomegranate at night does not convert the sugar present in it completely, so you should avoid eating it at night.

2. How many pomegranates can be eaten in a day?

You can eat 2 cups of pomegranate seeds in a day. Pomegranate seeds are nutritious and low-calorie, so you can eat about two cups of it. When you buy pomegranate, keep in mind that it should be heavy to lift the fruit and its skin should be tough from outside. Pomegranate may get scratches from outside but that doesn’t mean it is bad, you can buy it.”

3. In how many ways can I consume pomegranate?

You can consume pomegranate in many healthy ways like-

You can drink pomegranate juice, you can consume it in breakfast.

Although pomegranate seeds should be eaten instead of juice, but many people have stomach problems after eating pomegranate, then they can make juice and drink it.

You can eat pomegranate seeds mixed with curd.

You can grind pomegranate in sandwich and eat it by making a spread.

Pomegranate seeds can also be eaten by adding them to healthy chaat.

Along with this, you can add pomegranate in any salad or vegetable as a garnish.

4. Can I eat pomegranate during pregnancy?

Fluoric acid, essential vitamins, minerals are found in pomegranate, it is necessary for the baby growing in the womb. Potassium is also present in pomegranate, you can consume it.

 5. What are the disadvantages of eating more pomegranate?

Eating more pomegranate can cause constipation in many people. At the same time, some may complain of pain in the stomach. Now if you are taking any kind of medicine like high BP or other serious disease then you should not consume more pomegranate. Apart from those who are allergic to pomegranate, limiting consumption of pomegranate will not cause side effects, do not eat more than two cups of pomegranate seeds in a day.

If you have skin allergies or stomach ache after consuming pomegranate, then avoid consuming it.

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