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Omicron symptoms: This symptom of Omicron is related to stomach, if you see it, be alert

Omicron symptoms: The number of Omicron infected in India has crossed 5 thousand. Experts say that apart from respiratory infection, Omicron can also affect your stomach. Do not take stomach ache, nausea and loss of appetite as normal flu and get your covid test done immediately.

Omicron has now spread all over the country. Health experts are telling people about each and every symptom of Omicron so that they can be identified in time. Omicron’s symptoms differ from Delta’s in some ways. However, in this also some people are facing problems like cold-cold, cough and sore throat, but its symptoms are not limited to this. Experts say that apart from respiratory infection, Omicron can also affect your stomach. Omicron symptoms are also associated with the stomach.

Stomach related symptoms of Omicron- If you are experiencing problems like vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain even without fever, then according to experts, it may be Omicron infection. If you have stomach problems without respiratory symptoms or fever, then you should get tested for corona without delay. The problem of stomach upset is being found in most of the people in the new strain. These symptoms are also being found in vaccinated people. Some of the new symptoms of Covid-19 include symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea

What experts say – Manoj Goel, director of the Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, told Hindustan Times, ‘Some people may feel only stomach discomfort without a cold in the beginning. These include symptoms like back pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Due to Omicron, the thin lining of the stomach lining gets infected and due to this swelling comes. Experts say that people who have taken both the doses of the vaccine are also coming with these stomach-related problems. These symptoms are not serious and there is nothing to worry about.

Do not be careless- Experts say that do not take stomach pain, nausea and loss of appetite like normal flu, if you have these symptoms, then isolate yourself immediately. Do not take any medicine on your own without a doctor. Keep yourself hydrated, eat light food and get enough sleep. During this, stay away from spicy food and alcohol. According to doctors, there is no need to panic in mild symptoms.

Do this work when symptoms appear- Experts say that patients infected with Omicron should take full care of cleanliness. These people need fresh food. Avoid sharing food with people. Wash all fruits thoroughly before eating. Avoid eating outside food and follow the covid safety protocol even if you are vaccinated. Leave your room only after the isolation period is over.

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