Omicron New Update Of United States America New Veriant

Omicron USA: Omicron spreading at full speed in America, 73% of patients infected with new variant, fear of first death!

Omicron in US: The Omicron variant, which has reached 90 countries of the world, has started spreading more rapidly in America. The CDC has warned that 73 percent of the new cases in the US are Omicron cases. US President Joe Biden has appealed to people to get the vaccine.
Omicron in US: The new Omicron variant of Corona is spreading rapidly around the world. In America, the situation has become such that 73% of the new corona patients coming there are infected with Omicron. The Center for Disease Control has given this information. The CDC said that the US has seen a 6-fold increase in Omicron cases in just one week.
The CDC estimates that this figure is even higher in many parts of the US. The Omicron variant is behind 90 percent of new cases in New York. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Valensky says that this figure is high, but it is not surprising.
Meanwhile, there is also news of the first death from Omicron in America. The news agency Reuters has reported that a corona patient has died in America, which is believed to be due to Omicron infection. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet.
How serious is the Omicron variant? Is the vaccine effective on this or not? Such things are not yet known. However, in the initial study it has come to the fore that people who have been vaccinated can be protected from this infection by applying a booster dose. This is the reason that there has been a debate around the world regarding booster doses and booster doses are being given in many countries.
US President Joe Biden also tweeted and said that the Omicron infection is increasing continuously. He has appealed to the people to get the vaccine, get a booster dose.
In South Africa last month, there was a warning about the Omicron variant. After this, on 26 November, the World Health Organization (WHO) called it a ‘variant of concern’. Since then the Omicron variant has spread to 90 countries.

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