Lockdown News Today In India 2022

Lockdown News 2022: Full lockdown felt somewhere, then there is hope of relaxation in strictness, read the update of 5 states

Lockdown News 2022: The third wave of corona in the country seems to be weakening and the outbreak is increasing somewhere. Latest news is coming from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Seeing the increasing corona cases, total lockdown has been imposed in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. At the same time, the situation in Maharashtra is improving rapidly. A decrease of 28 percent has been seen in the number of new corona patients in Mumbai. With this, the positivity rate has come down to 7 percent. It is believed that in the coming days, Maharashtra and especially Mumbaikars may get some relaxation in the rules. Anyway, the Maharashtra government has decided to open the school. Read here every state’s update

corona case update in mumbai

Good news from Mayanagari Mumbai. Mumbai on Saturday reported a drop of nearly 1,500 in daily coronavirus cases, a release from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said, adding that the city also recorded 10 deaths from the pandemic. In the last 24 hours, 231 patients were discharged. In this way, the number of people recovering from corona increased to 9,95,569. The BMC said that Mumbai’s coronavirus recovery rate is now 96 percent.

corona update of rajasthan

Jaipur’s Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Narottam Sharma has said in his latest statement that 3000-3500 cases of corona are coming to Jaipur every day, at this time corona is at its peak. We are trying that by January 31, everyone should get the second dose of the vaccine.

Full Lockdown in Kerala Check Guidelines

The Kerala government has announced a complete lockdown in the entire state on Sunday. This arrangement will be on Sundays falling on 23 January and 30 February. During this time only essential services will be allowed and there will be restriction on the movement of people. The Disaster Management Authority has divided the districts into three groups, A, B and C. Districts falling under category A can have 50 people in all social, cultural, religious, political and public events and weddings and funerals. Such gathering will not be allowed in B and C category districts. Movie theatres, swimming pools and gyms are not allowed to function in C-category districts.

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