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 This person won the lottery 14 times with a formula, the officials had to change the rules after getting upset

Live Hindi news :- 58 year old mathematician Stephen surprised Logan by winning the lottery jackpot 14 times. Born in Romania, Stephen is originally from Australia. Stephen had created a formula that not only won him the jackpot 14 times but at the same time kept him away from legal troubles because all the lotteries have been won for violating a rule.

According to a media report, Stephen has worked as an economist in Romania. Actually, to crack the lottery system, Stephen has created a 5 digit formula which made it very easy for him to guess the 6th digit. The formula that Stephen has created is based on the algorithm.

Let us tell you that apart from Romania, Stephen has also won by buying lotteries in Israel, Britain, Australia and America. Along with this, Stephen has also won many important awards. This formula is named as Combination Condensation. After achieving success twice, the Australian government made some changes in the rules of the lottery system. Changing the rules, the government banned the purchase of all lottery tickets by a single person. You will be surprised to know that a special kind of software has been created to calculate winning numbers. Stephen uses more than 30 computers to work out a single combination and has also hired 16 employees for this work.

In an interview given to a media channel, Stephen told that with the help of the formula, he used to take many lottery tickets by taking money from friends. Once winning the lottery, about 15 thousand pounds (14 lakh rupees) used to be won. After this, after taking out all the expenses, he used to save at least 3 lakh rupees. To earn more money while working, he had entered the field of lottery.

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