Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck adopting a new cat

Possible breakup

Just two weeks after their big engagement in Georgia, speculation began about a possible breakup between the couple, and a few weeks ago, they stopped living together.

The singer wanted to satisfy her husband by all means, keeping him busy and with various hobbies at home.

Smoking and messiness, the reasons

Jennifer Lopez did not want to get divorced and did everything to make it work, but she could not hold on.

Tobacco and untidiness are the core reasons, as the actor could be smoking all day, one cigarette after another, and Lopez literally hates it.

In addition, he leaves his things all over the place, without picking up even a plate.

Faced with this situation, the two had some fights and arguments, which caused Affleck to leave the home temporarily.

With tempers calmed, the singer is willing to forgive her husband if he changes in such attitudes: smoking much less and committing to the habits of home and be much tidier.

For his part, Affleck is willing to totally change his attitudes and return to live with his wife and children.

We will see if soon the couple will have arguments again or leave the issue settled and start in the best possible way.

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