If this thing is ‘intoxicated’, there will be trouble in becoming a father

If this thing is ‘intoxicated’, there will be trouble in becoming a father

Recently a research has come out which says that if men use more smartphones then it will have a direct effect on the number and quality of their sperms. Let’s know everything about it..

In this age of technology, almost everything we do depends on our smartphone. It would not be wrong to say that in today’s time everyone uses smartphones. We know that using the phone for a long time has a bad effect on our eyes, but a recent research says that the bad effect of the phone is also on the sperms of men. Let us know about it in detail..

Effect on men’s sperms due to phone use

A recent research says that excessive use of phones is having a bad effect on the sperms of men. This research says that more use of phones is making men infertile, that is, due to more use of phones, both the number of sperms of men and sperm quality are decreasing.

The result of this research

If you are wondering where this has been said, then let us tell you that on the basis of analysis of ’18 research’ consisting of 4,280 sperm samples, researchers from South Korea have suggested that the electromagnetic waves emanating from mobile sperms of men. Due to which both their quantity and quality are decreasing.

scholarly opinion

Ever since this research has come to the fore, many scholars have commented on it. Some agree with the results of this research, while some say that this is a wrong conclusion. Allan Pacey, a professor and sperm specialist at the University of Sheffield, does not agree with this research and says that it cannot be said that the number and quality of men’s sperm is decreasing only because of mobile. Is. For the last several years, the answer to this question is being sought, but even now clearly this result cannot be claimed.

At the same time, a leading researcher from Pusan ​​National University says that men should reduce the use of smartphones and this is affecting their sperm count and quality.

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