Haw To Remove The Dead Skin Of The Lips

Try these 6 easy remedies to remove the dead skin of the lips

In winter, along with the skin, the lips also become dry. They also have pain. To get rid of it, try some remedies.

In winter our skin and lips become very dry. Due to this, dead skin accumulates all over the body and lips. During this, a crust forms on the lips, cracks also start falling. This makes the lips look very bad. It also affects the beauty of the face. Along with this, the dead skin accumulated on the lips is also painful. In such a situation, you must take care of your lips as well as your skin. To keep lips soft and soft in winter, it is necessary to take care of lips. If you have accumulated dead skin on your lips, then you can remove them with the help of some easy steps.

How to remove dead skin from lips?

Just as care makes the skin soft and supple, lips also need care. Often we ignore the lips, due to this the lips start cracking. Dead skin accumulates in them. In this case, you can try some remedies.

1. Rose water for lips

Rose Jab is an easy remedy to remove the dead skin of the lips. Due to this, the crust of the lips starts coming out gradually, the lips become soft. For this, take rose water, glycerin. Apply it on the lips with the help of a cotton ball. You can do this at night while sleeping. This will remove the dead skin to a great extent in the morning.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

In winter we drink less water, due to which our body gets dehydrated. Its effect is visible on the skin as well as on the lips. Due to lack of water in the body, the lips become dry, dead skin accumulates on the lips. So keep yourself hydrated to remove dead skin. For this, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

3. Scrub with coffee

It is also necessary to exfoliate the lips to remove the dead skin. You can use coffee for this. Coffee is a great home scrubber for skin and lips. For this, make a paste by mixing cream in half a teaspoon of coffee powder. Apply it on the lips, then rub it off with light hands. After that apply lip balm on your lips. This will easily remove the dead skin of the lips.

4. Apply lip balm daily (coffee scrub for lips)

Just as it is necessary to moisturize the skin, in the same way it is necessary to moisturize the lips. For this you can apply lip balm on your lips. Apply lip balm 2-3 times a day.

5. Massage the lips with coconut oil

Coconut oil is beneficial for health, skin as well as lips. Coconut oil can be used to remove dead skin from the lips. For this you mix sea salt in coconut oil. Massage the lips with this with light hands. During this the dead skin accumulated on the lips will come out. Then clean the lips, apply lip balm

6. Use of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is used to overcome many problems. Aloe vera is also effective in removing the dead skin of the lips. The ingredients present in it make the lips soft and supple. For this, take fresh aloe vera pulp, apply it on your lips. For better results, apply aloe vera gel on your lips 2-3 times a day.

If your lips also crack in winter, dead skin accumulates on them, then you can try the above-mentioned remedies. This will keep your lips soft and supple 

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