Harm Of Eating Papaya

Harm Of Eating Papaya DailyNewsUk Health Blog

Often people must have seen this juicy and golden looking fruit, papaya is definitely consumed to overcome the problem of stomach. This fruit is rich in nutrients. Papaya is an excellent source of fiber. In this sense, it is very beneficial in many diseases. But if papaya is consumed in excess then it can harm you. Let us tell you that, given the latex and high fiber content of papaya, consuming too much of it can pose a risk to you. Know what are the disadvantages of eating papaya.

harm of eating papaya

Harmful for pregnant women – Papaya is a very nutritious fruit, but this crop is very harmful for pregnant women. Women are advised to stay away from papaya during pregnancy. Actually, papaya seeds, root and leaves harm the embryo. The papain present in papaya damages the membranes in the body, which is very important for the development of the fetus.

Cause respiratory disorders – There are many fruits, whose consumption can harm any person. Similarly, excessive consumption of papaya can cause respiratory diseases like asthma and wheezing. To prevent this problem, consumption of papaya in large quantities should be avoided.

Lowers blood sugar – If one consumes papaya in large quantity, then it can also reduce the blood sugar level in the blood, which is dangerous for patients suffering from diabetes. Therefore, diabetics must consult a doctor before eating papaya.

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