Follow these tips to remove burning smell from food

Follow these tips to remove burning smell from food

You are preparing food for the guests coming home after working hard in the kitchen for hours. But due to your little carelessness, if the food gets stuck at the bottom of the pot, then both your hard work and your mood get spoiled. In such a situation, if this ever happens to you, then follow these tips to avoid it.

It is not necessary that when the food is completely burnt, only then the smell of burning will come from it. Sometimes even after a slight burn, the smell starts coming. In such a situation, these hacks related to the kitchen can solve your problem. Let’s know how.

Remedy to remove burnt smell from lentils-

Often while cooking lentils in a pressure cooker, if the water is less, then it starts burning. In such a situation, take out the lentils from above with the help of a ladle, cool it and keep it in the fridge for an hour. After an hour, put the pan on the gas and make lentils by adding onions, tomatoes. After this, apply the tempering of ghee and asafoetida on top. By doing this the burnt smell will disappear completely.

Remedy to remove burning smell from chicken-

Chicken is tasted in its gravy. If the gravy gets burnt while making the chicken, then your hours of hard work gets wasted. In such a situation, whenever the chicken gravy gets burnt, take it out from the top and mix light milk in it. Keep in mind that if the chicken is burnt more then do not try this remedy. Add half a cup of milk there and cook it again. The problem of burning smell will go away.

Remove the smell of burning from vegetable with gravy like this-

If the smell of burning is coming from the gravy vegetable, then first take it out of the pan and keep it in a separate vessel. Now put a vessel on the gas and turn the vegetables in it. After adding one or two spoons of buttermilk and curd over the vegetable, cook for some time. Switch off the gas within 5 to 10 minutes. The burning smell will completely go away.

Remove the smell of burning from dry vegetables like this-

If the dry vegetable gets burnt, then first take it out from the top, which is right, separate it in a plate. Now put 2 spoons of gram flour on a second pan and roast it lightly and mix the dry vegetables in it. By doing this the smell of burning from the vegetable will not come at all.

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