Cryptocurrency Update Made Investors Rich In 24 Hours

Cryptocurrency Updates: These 6 Cryptocurrencies Made Investors Rich In 24 Hours, Big Jump In Prices

Cryptocurrency Updates: After a steady decline, the market of cryptocurrencies recovered a bit on Saturday, on January 15, there was a jump in the prices of crypto. According to CoinMarketCap, the market cap of cryptocurrencies is currently $2.06 trillion. During the last 24 hours, it saw a rise of 2.75%. Let us tell you, with the beginning of the new year, there was a fall in the prices.
There is panic of Corona all over the world at this time. The crypto market is no exception to this. This is the reason why investors are avoiding investing in cryptocurrencies at this time. However, the prices of all major cryptocurrencies saw a jump on Saturday. Due to which the market cap of crypto also increased than before. Let us tell you, the price of one bitcoin has crossed $ 43,065 during the last 24 hours. During this time the prices saw a jump of 2.44%.
6 cryptocurrencies through which investors made money
Megatech – $0.01981 up 1,314.69%
Dogelana – $0.0001414, or 485.63% jump
NDN Link – $0.009359 ie 468.06% jump
H3RO3S – up $0.1259, or 418.31%
MiniTesla – O.000000001372 $ ie 292.16% jump
OBRok Token – $0.000004169 ie 251.44% jump

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