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The bats of those who put money in this Cryptocurrency became 1500 crores of ₹ 500; learn how it happened

New Delhi: Bumper Return: As such, investing in cryptocurrency is always risky. It is also difficult to predict when it will go up or when it will fall. Its market goes up as fast as it goes down even faster. However, these days the recovery phase is going on in the crypto market.

Amazing return given in seven days

Meanwhile, one such crypto token has come to the fore, which has given sloppy returns to its investors. After knowing about its returns, you may not even believe it. The name of this crypto is Ekta. Not much information has been revealed about this crypto token yet, but it has given amazing returns in the last seven days.

500 rupees becomes 1500 crores

According to, Ekta has given investors a return of about 2.9 billion percent in the last seven days. This means that if you had invested only Rs 500 in it a week ago, it would have increased to about 1500 crores today.

As per the available information about Unity, it is a blockchain focused on making physical assets and communities on-chain. Public listing of this token is going to happen soon. So far, it has managed to raise over $5 million from seed funding and private sales.

Let us tell you that even though Ekta has given a surprising return during a week. But it is still below its old all-time high. The share of this token in the crypto market is very less. Its mcap (Ekta Coin MCap) is less than 5 million dollars

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