Coronavirus in India PM Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of all the states, know what he said on the lockdown

Coronavirus in India: PM Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of all the states, know what he said on the lockdown

Coronavirus in India: Third wave of corona and rapid increase in Omicron cases are being recorded. Now the number of new cases of corona every day has reached close to two lakhs. To deal with this third wave of Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with the Chief Ministers on Thursday and in the meeting he gave many guidelines. 

The Prime Minister told all the CMs that while imposing lockdown and strict restrictions for corona control, take care of the livelihood and economy of the people. This affects the livelihood of the people, in this meeting Union Home Minister Amit Shah was also associated with video conferencing. In the meeting, the Prime Minister also took stock of the preparedness of the health infrastructure in the states.

PM said we have experience of last two years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he has two years of experience regarding corona infection and the measures to be taken to deal with it. We have made full preparations to deal with this virus infection and it is just to keep in mind that Omicron is spreading faster than other variants of corona and the scientists and health sector experts of our country are constantly aware of the side effects of this variant. are assessing. It is clear from this that we have to be alert and spread awareness among the people so that panic does not spread among the people.

Take special care in festivals. vigilance required

PM Modi, in his address after a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing, said that in view of the coming festivals and changing weather, the preparedness of the people as well as the administration should not decrease, there is a need to take special vigilance, The more we can limit the Kovid-19 infection, the less the problems will be.

Be ready for the upcoming variant of Corona

Giving information about the government’s preparedness in the ongoing fight against Corona, Prime Minister Modi said that apart from fighting Omicron, the country also needs to be prepared to deal with other variants of Corona in the future. To control this epidemic, we have to pay more attention at the local level and from where more cases of infection are coming… Get more and more treatment

PM Modi gave this advice to the Chief Ministers

The PM said that the governments should continue to issue guidelines related to home isolation and also improve it from time to time, during this time the better the system of testing, tracking and treatment, the less will the burden on hospitals.

Today the states have sufficient amount of vaccine. The sooner the frontline workers and senior citizens get the ‘precaution dose’, the more the capacity of our health care system will increase. We have to intensify the Har Ghar Dastak campaign for 100% vaccination.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said – Vaccination is the biggest weapon against the Kovid epidemic, the sooner we give preventive doses to frontline workers and senior citizens, the stronger our health system will be.

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