Benefits Of Eating One Banana Every Morning

Start eating 1 banana at this time, many diseases will run away, you will get these special benefits

Today we have brought for you the benefits of eating banana. The special thing about banana is that it is much cheaper than other fruits, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients found in banana are very important for a healthy body. If you are struggling with physical weakness or want to boost immunity, then definitely include banana in the diet, it will give you amazing benefits.

Nutrients Found In Bananas

If you look at the nutrients found in banana, it contains vitamin-A, vitamin-B and magnesium, besides vitamin-C, potassium and vitamin-B6, thiamine, riboflavin. Banana contains 64.3 percent water, 1.3 percent protein, 24.7 percent carbohydrate. All these elements are necessary for a healthy body.

What do experts say

According to diet experts, eating 1 banana daily can protect you from many diseases. Potassium is found in banana, which does not cause cramps in our muscles. Carbohydrate is found in banana, which keeps our body energized and we feel less tired. If you eat two bananas before the morning exercise, then you will not feel much tired during the exercise.

Amazing benefits of eating One banana daily

1. Weakness will not come

Banana contains a lot of carbohydrates. Eating it fills the stomach quickly. If breakfast is missed in the morning due to going to office or college, then go out after eating a banana, because eating banana gives instant energy. It gives you energy for the whole day

2. Stress will go away

An element called tryptophan is found in bananas. Serotonin is made in our body due to this tryptophan. Serotonin is also called the happy hormone. This keeps stress away.

3. Digestion will be fine

Digestive problems are removed by the consumption of bananas. According to health experts, the starch contained in bananas is beneficial for the good bacteria that are important for our digestive system. Bananas are also anti-acid, so if you have heartburn problem, then consuming banana will benefit you.

4. Weight Control

Banana contains a lot of fiber. In addition, starch is also found in bananas. If a person eats a banana for breakfast, then he does not feel hungry for a long time. In this way the weight can be kept under control.

5. Improves blood pressure

Eating banana is also considered good for blood pressure patients, eating banana can be especially beneficial for high BP patients.

Right Time To Eat Banana

The right time to eat banana is from 8 to 9 in the morning.

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