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Amazon Deal: By turning on this heater, you can sleep peacefully, know the features of Libra Bladeless Fan Heater

Amazon Deal On Libra Bladeless Fan Heater: A new style ceramic bladeless heater is available on Amazon. The price of this heater is more than the rest but the features are also highest. This Bladeless Ceramic Heater from Libra Company is completely safe and you can sleep by turning it on even at night. Apart from heating, it also has the option of cool, so that it can be used as a fan in summer. Know about the price and features of this heater.

The price of this heater is Rs 19,990, but it is available in the deal for Rs 14,990. There is a discount of 5 thousand rupees on this heater. Thousands off with Axis Miles & More credit cards. There is an instant discount of 7.5% or Rs 2 thousand on EMI on Standard Chartered or HSBC Bank credit cards.

It does not show any heating elements and being bladeless, it is safe for small children, pregnant ladies, elderly people and even pets.

Perfect for fast heating in small to large rooms and starts heating the room in just 3 seconds.

It is a fan heater, so it can also be used as a dehumidifier in winter or rainy season.

You can set the temperature of 9 hours of continuous running in this heater as well as can set the temperature up to 10-49°C.

It has intelligent heating, so that once the temperature is set, it remains at the same temperature and automatically turns off when the heat is increased.

For safety, it has features like tip over switch, switch off on tilt. Being a ceramic heater, there is no risk of fire

Oxygen is not burnt in this, so running for a long time is not harmful to health.

It has two heat settings of 1500 and 1800, which you can set according to your choice. In summer, its fan consumes 5 to 35 watts of electricity.

For easy operation, both LED display, full function remote and touch panel are provided

Due to its compact size, there is no problem in carrying it anywhere.

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